The Map is not the Territory

future interactions in hyperspace

by AN&D collective

Series of talks and workshops were held during Interference conference in Amsterdam 15-17.08.2014


The evolution of our species is no longer determined by the physical prowess of dominant genes, we create new interfaces to interact with the mind and push as into new territories of thinking.

The architectural space, the environment we live in, demands the body to move in it. Maps are the physical tool we use to navigate this space, these objects are the signifier of the relationship to our surroundings. Google Maps has created a 1:1 reality, of the architectural world, that gives the impression of real time feedback. It offers up the perfect exploration that can be accessed with a scrolling finger, and yet with all the available possibilities for moving in an online space we’re still set in the bodily plane.

The imaginary spaces we create have developed into new worlds that are poured into online gaming and communities. We’ve created a new visual language influenced by the architectural space but with more possibilities. The Memory Palace, an important branch of the imaginary space, allows us to assign large amounts of information to our everyday environment and objects. In this space we transcend the body, moving from object to object recalling memories, we move freely from our constraints without the body weighing us down. How can we combine the abstracted ideas, that come from transcending the mind, with a new map of reality.

In the workshop we will explore how we understand and access the architectural and imaginary space. Combining the everyday and sublime to transcend our physicality and create interfaces to experience virtual space in a new way.

( documentation is under preparation )